Interested in offering Simply Soap products in your retail store?

Please contact us or call us at 514-962-7627 and we will contact you shortly with our amazing retail offer with an interesting 9 or 12 varieties to choose from.  In addition, your store contact information will appear on our ''Where to Buy'' page, attracting more customers to your store!!

Nestled together in a decorative display box, our soap bars stand out from all the rest with their distinctive round shape and colourful packaging. Your customers will be drawn to the unique look, amazing fragrances and wide variety of our all-natural soapbars. Customers can read product information cards, inhaling the heady aromas as they try to choose one (or more) to purchase!

Our varieties have been especially chosen to ensure that the all-natural fragrance will linger until sold (within a reasonable amount of time). You can choose a 9- or 12-variety display box, depending on your store’s needs.


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